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Prices for producing building plans


Our building plan service is designed to be cost effective, but as all projects differ in size, scope and work content, there is no standard price. However, here is a guide: 

Planning Applications: from £450

Single storey extension to the rear or side of the property(under permitted development rights): from £750

Single storey wrap around Extension: from £1100

Two storey extension to the rear or side of the property: from £1200

Two storey wrap around Extension: from £1600

Single storey extension to the rear of the property and double storey side extension: from £1400

Loft conversion - from £1800

Loft conversion and extension: To Quote


All estimates include agent fees.

All estimates are plus Structural Calculations fees if required.

All estimates include free amendments where and if required.

All projects require a site survey in order to get detailed measurements and layout information, which means a larger more complex building will take more time than a smaller one. The same is true of the drawings, as every floor and every visible elevation of the property has to be drawn in its current form in addition to the new planned layout.

We keep our prices as low as possible and are very competitive.

The price we quote will include:

   - Site visit and measure (and lots of free advice)
   - Existing building floor plans
   - Existing building elevations

   - 3D Visualization
   - Proposed floor plans
   - Proposed elevation plans

   - Help and advice with application forms

If additional copies of plans are required (for example if you need copies for builders to provide quotations), we are happy to provide these free of charge.

Be aware that in addition to any payment to us for your plans, you will also have to pay your local authority for planning permission or building regulations plus an inspection fee. Charges differ between councils.

If your project requires steel or other supports you may also need the services of a structural engineer, and we can offer this service at cost price.

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