Building regulations

Building regulations approval is different from planning permission and you might need both for your project.

This is not to be confused with Planning Permission, the Building Regulations are there to ensure that buildings are made to a minimum standard in many areas such as structure, fire escape, drainage, ventilation, insulation and so on, the regulations can often seem unreasonable, but they are all there for good reasons.


Building regulations matters are handled by Building Control Officers at your local authority, unlike planning, there is no committee and you should not have to endure a long wait for approvals. You can alternatively employ a private Building Control Officer.

When work is finished, we’ll make sure the building inspector is satisfied and all associated documents have been submitted (see THINGS TO CONSIDER), after which a completion certificate will be issued.

Things to Consider
We’ve drawn up a list of essential considerations, some of which will apply to your proposed works and many of which will have cost implications. If you wish for us to handle these requirements on your behalf, let us know; we’re here to help.


You’ll need permission if you’re going to build over sewers or drains, so it’s essential to establish whether this issue will affect your work as soon as possible.


Listed Buildings
If the property you’re planning to alter is listed, you’ll need a Listed Building application as well as planning and Building Regulations approval. These can be complex, and you’ll need to include all available information about the history of the property with the application.

Flood Zones
Is your work taking place within a Flood Zone? If so, you must contact the Environment Agency and it’s likely you’ll be asked to submit a flood risk assessment report.

Contamination Report
A soil contamination report will be required to be carried out on all new build proposed works.

Radon Report
A Radon Report will be necessary to be submitted with all Building Regulations applications for conversion works and extensions over 30 sq mtrs in support of your Building Regulations application. This is to ensure that any Radon protective measures are undertaken.

Party Wall Agreement
This may be required if work will affect an existing wall or structure, either shared, or on the boundary of a neighbouring property.

Energy Efficiency Report/SAP Calculation
An Energy Assessor will be required to produce a report for submission with the Building Regulations application for conversion works and some extensions.

Structural Engineer's Design Calculations
Calculations are obligatory for any structural works, and must be submitted with your building regulations application.

Sound Test
A Sound Test will be required for all conversion works to ensure compliance is met with current regulations.

Builders And Other Tradespeople
You’ll need trusted, competent people to work on your project. We work alongside an established network of professionals who offer highly competitive quotations.

Project Management
You may prefer to engage a project manager to oversee the works on site, liaise between you and your builder, ensure that work is being carried out to a high standard, and within the agreed time frames and budget. We offer a full project management service to give you complete peace of mind.

You will be required to make applications to all the relevant companies for additional water, gas and electric supplies to the property and arrange for the works to be carried out on site.